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  • Favorable Review of American Solace from Kirkus Reviews

    Kirkus review website

    Yesterday’s Kirkus review of American Solace An Awakening was favorable and I am well-pleased with their assessment. They had much to say in their full review, but their summary read: “While serving large helpings of unfamiliar vocabulary, this post-apocalyptic novel still delivers a solid coming-of-age adventure.” – Kirkus Reviews Following the excerpt policies of Kirkus, I chose […]

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  • Munsell’s Paradigm Shift

    You’ve probably heard of how Einstein turned the world of Newtonian physics on its head by introducing his theory of relativity, but have you heard of how Albert Munsell did the same for the world of color theory? In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton created the first color circle, a simple yet elegant representation of the […]